Diane G has sent us some photos of her Mah Jongg-related handiwork. What fun!

Keep those photos coming!




4 thoughts on “MORE BEAUTIFUL HANDS…

  1. jonggjoy

    They are all so beautiful Diane, do you have a favourite?
    I think the blue pillow is my favourite but I love them all.
    Busy beautiful hands for sure….to play Mah Jongg or sew, that is the question.
    Aren’t we lucky to do both!

  2. Diane G

    I can’t pick a favorite. I love them all; they are like my “babies”. Each one is made for a special person and I try to match that person’s tastes as much as I can. The ones for fundraisers are just made of fabric I happen to love at the time; some black & white; some batik, some floral. It’s all just another fun way to enjoy mah jongg.

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