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Need to write a thank you note after attending a great luncheon and an afternoon of Mah Jongg at a friend’s home? Or looking for a cute notecard to use as an invitation for a day of Mah Jongg chez vous? Well, look no further than www.wherethewindsblow.com for this darling set of handcrafted Mah Jongg- themed notecards.

SPECIAL PURCHASE! 10 precious note cards with envelopes for only $8.49 ($1.00 S&H). The 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 (top folded) cards are blank inside allowing for use as invitations to a Mah Jongg party or quick notes to a friend or loved one. Each card is handcrafted.


I don’t know about you and your Mah Jongg groups but I know that when the OMs are playing…and chatting…and laughing…(and sometimes drinking a glass or two of wine!)…we often can’t remember where we are with the Charleston. Sound familiar at all? Well, confusion be gone! Marcee Kleinman, a programmer and a serious Mah Jongg player in Los Angeles, has developed an app for all of us in need of a gentle reminder with the Charleston.

The Mah Jongg Groove

Known as The Mah Jongg Groove by MK Mobile, this clever app is meant to be used “when playing American Mah Jongg with REAL tiles with THREE other players in a face to face game. It is a handy little utility that helps you remember which pass he or she is on during the PASSING or CHARLESTON phase of the American Mah Jongg game. After dealing all the tiles, the user starts this application. Then, after each of the passes, the user advances to the next screen and the application displays which pass is next. It also displays helpful reminders about the characteristics of each pass such as when the user can stop the Charleston and when the user can make a “Blind” pass.”

The app can be found on iTunes and while you are at it, go to the Mah Jongg Groove Facebook page and hit “Like” to show how much we appreciate a fellow Mahj player developing great apps for us!



I just spoke with the very delightful Lynn Chorn, the new owner of the fantastic website, www.wherethewindsblow.com. She only has FOUR copies left of this wonderful souvenir book from the Project Mah Jongg exhibit. Lynn told me that she has contacted the publisher, 2wice Arts Foundation, but they have no more copies to sell. So, if you are interested in this special book – and at a very reduced price – contact Lynn right away because these books are going, going…gone soon!


Today’s posting is about a book that is fairly new – it was first published in 2003 but then Tuttle Publishing translated it into English and published the book in 2007 for the American audience. The book is written by Jelte Rep, a Netherlands native who, when not playing Mah Jongg, makes documentary films and writes dramatic television shows. He is a great Mah Jongg enthusiast and his book is very thorough.

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No, I didn’t spell our beloved game the wrong way – this is how Viola L. Cecil spelled it in 1938 when she wrote her book, MAAJH – The American Version of an Ancient Chinese Game (the book was revised in 1939). In the foreword to her book, Viola signs her name with the title, “President National Mah Jongg League.” Since the National Mah Jongg League was founded in 1937, it would seem that Viola was one of the founding members and probably the very first president. IMG_2121 Continue reading