Santa stopped by early today and I am afraid that I have no willpower. I opened all the gifts – and there were so many! – and each one brought a greater delight to me than the one before. Not surprising, Santa knows that I like things having to do with Mah Jongg and so several of the gifts followed that theme. The first was a beautiful decoupaged dish from cccreations – decoupage under glass by Carol Cohen.


Isn’t this fabulous?! I can’t decide where to put it – either on the coffee table in the living room or else on my dresser in the bedroom and put jewelry, coins, etc. in it. Such decisions to make! 

But the next gift was the big one – a very early Pung Chow Mah Jong set – in PERFECT condition and it even included Jokers with darling panda bears on them.

I can’t wait to play Mahj with these tiles – so different and so wonderful. Look at those flowers – they are fabulous!

And there is no question that the Pung Chow Dragons are so distinctive and fantastic:

I am so in love with the Pung Chow Silver Dragons.

Here’s a sampling of all the different tiles from this wonderful set:

How lucky am I to have Santa be so thoughtful and generous? I guess I wasn’t all bad in 2013!

And to top it all off, Santa didn’t forget Lizzie who is now very busy with her new pink pig!

Merry Christmas to all and a special thanks and a big hug to my dear Santa! xxo