I usually am attracted to Mah Jongg sets from the 1920s and 1930s but there is one set from 1950 that has been of great interest to me. It is a Cardinal Tri-Color 3-Tone set that I have been seeking for quite a while. And now I have it!  This set is in great shape for being almost 65 years old – very clean and looking as if no one ever played Mah Jongg with it.

I just love those green backs!

Take a look at the beautiful Flowers and the One Bams – I think they are terrific. The One Bam is particularly striking with its bright red breast.

In this next picture I hope you can see why this particular set is considered to be a tri-color, 3-tone set.

I can’t wait to have a game or two (or three or four!) with this set!