Yesterday was my turn to host our weekly Mah Jongg game. Even though it was freezing outside, everyone showed up. I had a great time preparing our cold weather lunch; pictures and recipes will be posted later.

We started out our day by playing with the wonderful Pung Chow set given to me by X for Christmas. This set had never been used before and it was an honor and a delight for us to be the first to play with it. Here are the representative tiles from this incredible set:


What beautiful carvings! And don’t you just love the panda Jokers?!

After a few games we took a break for lunch and then quickly returned to the Mah Jongg table. This time we were playing with my newest acquisiton – a 1950 Cardinal Tri-Color Two Tone set. Here is J as East, pushing out her wall with K looking on.


The chocolate candy wrappers from Madame Mahj were a big hit. K decided she would see what kind of a hand she could be dealt using the candies.


What a great hand this would have been if only it hadn’t been made with chocolate tiles!

Toward the end of the day K and I decided we would see how much money we had in our Madame Mahj bank.


I wonder what we are going to do with all these winnings…perhaps a few  Lotto tickets followed by cocktails at the Mandarin Oriental?!

As always, this was a great day playing Mah Jongg with the OMs. Pictures and recipes from our lunch will be posted later today. See you then!