Wow! Who knew?!!

Take a look at this video of the coverage of the 2008 World Series of Mah Jongg! This is a $1,000,000 prize pool event that attracts Mah Jongg players from around the world.

Does anyone know if there have been more of these World Series of Mah Jongg (WSOM)? I can’t find any information beyond the games of 2010.

According to Wikipedia, the World Series Of Mahjong (Chinese:世界麻将大赛) is played to determine the World Champion in the board game Mahjong. Both men and women are eligible to contest this title; the championship holds individual events and sets up the total prize of one million US dollars. The tournament competition takes place for 3 days. The players must pay 5,000 USD for entry and must provide proof that they are at least the age of 21.

The World Series Of Mahjong (WSOM) was established by World Mahjong Ltd.(WML) in 2007. Chunglai Hui, a designer from Hong Kong, won the first tournament. In 2008, Kwokhung Ho (Alex Ho), the executive of AIA Insurance from Hong Kong, won the tournament. In 2010, WML promoted WSOM after 2 years’ silence.