We all know that I am over the moon for Pung Chow so let’s take a look at another set that is so much like my favorite PC set but without the colored Flowers as shown here: cropped-header

Look at the full set representation:

photo 1

The beautiful Pyralin, initially developed as a substitute for ivory, gives the tiles an amazing finish and their incredible smooth black backs.

photo 4

Once again we see the graceful swooping One Bam crane with a hint of smile.


I love the barrel-shaped Bams in this set and the wonderful placement in the Seven Bam.


And here we see the distinctive Pung Chow Silver Dragon flanked by the equally beautiful Green Dragon on one side and Red Dragon on the other side.

IMG_1091 IMG_1089The dark navy blue box with a silver handle unsnaps to reveal 4 small drawers holding the thin strips of celluloid counting sticks, pyralin coins and dice and one large drawer holding all the lovely tiles.

But it is the lovely Flowers, breathtaking in their black outlined simplicity, that makes this set so very special.