CITY OF MAHJONGGERLY LOVE! (with apologies to the Brotherly kind of love!)


It may be cold and snowy in the City of Brotherly Love right now but there is no shortage of love for Mah Jongg there.


Recently I heard from Leah Feigenbaum and she had a lot to tell us:

“My name is Leah Feigenbaum and I have been playing the fascinating, fun, and fabulous game of Mah Jongg for well over forty years. Like many of you, I fell in love with this game watching my mother at our kitchen table. Eager to spread my passion, I have been teaching the game throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area for beginners and experienced players alike for the past seven years. While I love teaching new students the fundamentals of this great game, I get a real thrill from instructing my more seasoned students on the nuances and intricacies each year as new cards are released. Privileged to have taught more than three hundred students, I feel so lucky to have touched some great people, enlightening them to this lifelong game.

Whether you are attracted to the intellectual stimulation or the social aspect, Mah Jongg could be for you!

I can be contacted at 610-825-8630 or

If you are lucky enough to be living in the greater Philadelphia area, give Leah a call or send her an email – you are about to join a great group of people who have been taught the game by Leah.