photo 4

Here’s an interesting set that has left me quite confused!

The top on this lovely wood box slides back to reveal its treasures.

photo 1

Take a look at the lovely Bone and Bamboo tiles (everything except for the Bam suit in this photo):

photo 3

There is a tiny wood box with a sliding top that reveals 4 teeny tiny dice.


But to get a real sense of how small these dice really are, take a look at them next to a set of regulation-size dice:



The beautifully carved Flowers remind me that spring is just around the corner (hopefully!):

photo 2

Now, let’s take a look at the Bam suit. For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. I know the answer to this suit lies out there with many of you – please let me know what is going on here!

photo 4

Lastly, a shot of how the thin bone layer is dove-tailed onto the bamboo:

photo 5

3 thoughts on “CRAZY BAMS!

  1. Avalon

    Sweet set! Have a closer look, the all green painted bamboo tile has 6 pieces of bamboo, the bamboo pieces just are not separated. The bamboo tile with the red, blue and green has 9 pieces of bamboo, also no separation in the bamboo pieces. Just count the lines and you can tell the 6 bam from the 9 bam. In this case it is just a little bit harder to see, the different color in the paint sure helps.


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