Although there isn’t much time left to sign up for this event, I thought this sounded amazing:


Shanghai – Beijing – Xian – Chengdu – Guilin – Hong Kong


How cool is this?

For more information, call 877-CHINA77. Much thanks to Gladys Grad, the Grand Master of American Style Mah Jongg, of Mahjongg Madness for alerting us to this incredible opportunity.

THE WINDS AND THE DRAGONS – A LUXURY MAHJONG TOUR OF CHINA – As the MARCO POLO AND COMPANY website explains:  Mahjong, like the county of China itself, is complex and endlessly fascinating. From the “clattering of sparrows” to the rich feel of the tiles, the game has a magical power to bring people together. This all inclusive, 5-star experience of China blends cultural highlights with the long-hep traditions and history of Mahjong. Experienced guides escort you on this trip of a lifetime. Every detail has been considered, leaving you the freedom to enjoy each destination.  

Visit the Marco Polo and Company website to register for this once in a lifetime tour; keep reading to learn what this tour is all about:

With each part of the country we visit, we explore new styles of play.  You will learn how Mahjong has evolved over the years and how the game differs from region to region.  You are invited to participate in our own Classic Chinese Mahjong tournament for individual prizes and points toward a grand prize.

Join us as we visit one of China’s oldest cities, Ningbo, to explore the ancestral hall and birthplace of Mahjong. Here we learn the origin of the modern version, shifting from cards to using bamboo tiles. In Beijing, we experience the rumble of the tables as locals test their skill and luck in a real Mahjong parlor. Test your own strategies in Macau, the “Monte Carlo of the Orient,” where Mahjong is played in the casinos alongside Baccarat and Blackjack. Shanghai finds us shopping along the Dong Tai Lu for authentic, antique Mahjong sets and then using our found treasures with yet another style of play. When we travel to Chengdu, we enjoy the new Mahjong museum that combines the history of the game with China’s tea culture. Watch the people of Chengdu play their own version – without Honor tiles (winds or dragons) – in the parks and streets. Our tournament continues as we cruise down the Li River on our private boat complete with personal chef. We come together to play Mahjong against a stunning backdrop before arriving in the beautiful city of Guilin – the place where an old proverb states that “one would rather live than in Heaven.”

 Indulge in your love of Mahjong as you join expert guides, who are enthusiasts of the game themselves, for a first-of-its-kind tour of China. It is an opportunity for the discriminating traveler to experience the culture and beauty of China complete with luxury 5-star hotels, sumptuous meals, and exciting dining experiences. The custom itinerary allows for you to discover the famous places without the crowds of tourists, to interact with locals and to explore places on your own. Marco Polo & Company has more than 15 years experience designing high-end specialty tours to China. As a US-based company, we understand the importance of meeting every detail and the level of service expected. 

If you are going on this trip, we would love to chronicle your experience in future postings – let us know.


TO CONTACT MARCO POLO AND COMPANY ABOUT THIS TOUR, CLICK HERE.                                  If you would like to speak to someone regarding this trip, please call 508-644-8484

All information and photos courtesy of Marco Polo and Company.