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Today’s posting takes a look at some brief bios from four different teachers in four different
parts of the country. If you live in any of these areas and are looking to take Mah Jongg lessons –
or maybe just pick up some games – contact one of these women…and let them know you
heard about them on the Mah Jongg and Me blog!
I teach National League Mah Jongg.  I am in Boynton Beach, Florida in the Winter and Overland
Park, Kansas in the summer. I love the game and love to teach it to others.
Susan Zale. My email address is


PHOENIX, ARIZONA:  I am teaching Mah Jongg in the Phoenix, Scottsdale,  and Glendale Arizona region. My classes are either held at one of the many recreation centers, or privately with 4 or more people wanting to learn or brush up on the game.Taught originally by my mother and her friends, I have been playing the game since I was 13 ….and that’s a long time!  I try to pass on the connection with the legacy of the game, the opportunity to exercise our mental dexterity and camaraderie with other players. It is so much fun to see people come up to the challenge of this game. My information is:   Susan Weiner  Mah Jongg Instuction    Phoenix, AZ 85308  or   Phone Number:  623-376-6557 or 623-521-5702 Cell


HERE’S A REAL MAKE-YOU-FEEL-GOOD TEACHER…LOWER CONNECTICUT, THE HAMPTONS, MONTAUK, WESTCHESTER, RYE, SCARSDALE:  Stefanie Buckley 914 720 1372 Lower Connecticut, Hamptons, Montauk, Westchester, Rye, Scarsdale, etc.  I donate learning sessions to Gilda’s Club, Synagogues, Churches, Specializing in teaching women, men, teenagers, never evers….insecure learners…..Having FUN  and FEELING SUCCESSFUL  IS A MUST !!!!


CHECK OUT THIS TEACHER’S PHONE NUMBER – LOVE IT!…SAN FRANCISCO AND NORTH BAY AREA: My name is Karla Andersen and my email is I give lessons and host tournaments in San Francisco and in the North Bay Area. My website is and I’ve attached a couple of pix – I am on the right in the white shirt, and the other is a pic of one of my tourneys last year. Thanks again! Bams and Cracks! – Karla Andersen  (415) 448-MAHJ

And while you are thinking about Mah Jongg, don’t forget to sign the petition to declare April 30th as National Mah Jongg Day! We’ve got 582 signatures, help us get to 1,000 by March 27, 2014.