A few days ago I received a request from a reader to show the different kind of pouches and bags that we all use to hold our coins and our NMJL card.  So, I now ask all of you readers of this blog to send me photos of what you use. In the meantime, here are a few samples of the types of pouches and totes I have used or seen lately:

photo 4photo 3

This is the front and back of the pouch that I use for my money. I love this little pouch and it is the perfect size to hold lots and lots of quarters! And then it is usually just about empty when I bring it home…


photo 1photo 2

This very sophisticated and beautiful pouch belongs to my friend D; she accidentally left it at my home the last time we played and since she is vacationing in the Galapagos right now, she probably isn’t missing it

photo 2! photo 3

This “Get Your Mahj On” bag is so cute, given to me by a thoughtful and dear friend. It has three zippered compartments, as you can see, which makes it very handy.

photo 1photo 5

photo 4photo 3

These two darling beaded bags were a gift from my best of all friends, P. And she really is the best – how fabulous are these bags?! BTW, we have been besties since we were 4 years old. Just a couple of years…

photo 2photo 1

And sometimes you just need a tote to carry all of your Mah Jongg accessories to a game – this soft, squishy, and wonderful tote bag was a gift from the always darling and thoughtful J.

Of course, let’s not forget the fabulous pouch that I lusted after this weekend, needlepointed by A:


Which one do you like the best? Don’t forget to email pictures of the totes and pouches you use for your Mah Jongg money and/or accessories so I can display them in an upcoming post!


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