Sometimes I might get a little annoyed (with myself) when I go on a Mah Jongg losing streak but this is ridiculous! Read on…

A Qingpu district resident set a mahjong parlor on fire because he suspected that his wife was having an affair with someone there, police said Monday. On the night of March 17, the suspect, surnamed Zhu, brought a bucket of gasoline and a cigarette lighter to a mahjong parlor in Chonggu town, Qingpu district, according to a press release from the police. Without investigating his suspicions, Zhu poured the gasoline on the parlor’s gate. The owners of the mahjong parlor, a father and son surnamed Lu, came out to stop Zhu. While fighting over the bucket, the gasoline sloshed on to Lu, his son and Zhu. Qingpu police said Zhu was under intense emotional strain when he ignited the lighter, setting the three of them ablaze. Zhu fled the scene and went to Ruijin Hospital in Huangpu district for treatment. Police arrested him there that evening. An ambulance took Lu and his son to the same hospital for treatment. Lu has remained at the hospital in stable condition. His son has been released. Qingpu police have imposed criminal coercive measures on Zhu.

This article is courtesy of Global Times