Yesterday was a great Mah Jongg day for the OMs. We invited L to join us and learn how to play the game. We were truly impressed with how fast she picked it all up. A future member of the OMs?

Lunch was delicious and tomorrow I will post the recipes. The table looked pretty and the Curried Chicken Salad and Arugula and Watermelon Salad were a hit with everyone. Big pieces of naan completed everyone’s plate.

IMG_1543 IMG_1548 IMG_1549 IMG_1551As soon as we were finished with lunch we started our game play. Here are some of the hands that were played:IMG_1472Both J and I had good luck today – I had three Mah Jongg’s and J had four! As I have said before, I am happy when I have Mah Jongg just once so this was really a great day!

IMG_1476This hand was really shaping up for me which was a surprise after a disastrous Charleston.

IMG_1477K is an amazing teacher and L is an equally amazing student!IMG_1479I was getting very excited as this 2014 hand started to fall in shape.

IMG_1480Looking even better as I keep picking up Jokers!

IMG_1482Thank goodness for the dependable Consecutive hands!

IMG_1484Time for dessert: really sweet and delicious blueberries and strawberries with a raspberry sauce and accompanied by perfect biscotti from Grace’s Marketplace.

IMG_1486 This hand was coming together until I called for a discarded 8 Crak and exposed it…I forgot I was playing a concealed hand! Fortunately I was able to find another hand in the 2468 group that also used 888.   IMG_1487This is such a great hand – and a difficult one, as well – under the Consecutive Run. K did a great job pulling this off!

IMG_1495I really got lucky on this hand by picking enough Jokers to stand in for all the other 9 Dots that were already discarded!

IMG_1496I was getting nervous…would I be able to complete the Like Numbers hand?

IMG_1500Yes! I did it!!

IMG_1502Another Consecutive Run hand! And, thanks to S1 who exchanged two Jokers for two 9 Dots – at the same time! – my hand was Jokerless!  That was very exciting!IMG_1503Last hand of the day and J declares Mah Jongg! We played for over 6 hours today – and probably could have gone on for more if other plans didn’t get in the way!

4 thoughts on “OMs RULE!

  1. Diane G

    Love the pics! Lunch looked beautiful. So did the mahj hands…
    So,, I noticed the flipped red dragon in the 2014 hand. I do this to remind me that that tile has gone out. Also saw flipped joker. I do this to remind me that that joker is “married” to the adjacent tile and can’t be used elsewhere. Is there any significance to your flipped tiles?

    I was impressed by the jokerless consecutive run in dots! Our group has agreed that this card is very joker-demanding, as we have trouble making mahj without jokers.

    Whether jokers or not, we manage to have lots of laughs.

    Our group had a record-breaking day Tuesday: L managed to mahj on the 3rd tile thrown; went on to win 3 games that day. We told her to go out and buy a lottery ticket. I held the previous record of making mahj on the 10th tile thrown, but I think she will hold the record forever now. A thrilling hand for all; congratulations rained from all players. She’s a Star now. I make mah jongg pillows, and I told her I will have to change the wording on her pillow from “Mad for Mahj” to “Mah Jong Maven”.

    May you laugh with or without jokers …


  2. mahjonggandme Post author

    Yes, I was very happy about my jokerless hand. I actually had two Jokers in that hand but S was able to exchange both of them – at the same time – leaving me jokerless! That was very exciting for me and was an expensive exchange for the rest of the table when I declared Mah Jongg!
    Your day on Tuesday sounded very exciting – Mahj on the 3rd tile thrown is reason to celebrate. I’m trying to think what our record is in that area and I think it is around the third or fourth tile thrown. It seems to me that I have posted this in my blog somewhere. Send pictures of the pillows you make – I will post them. Are they needlepoint?


    1. Diane G

      Not needlepoint. They are like a 20″ quilt with a center block of machine embroidered mahj tiles and sayings. I give them away to players in our group or for fundraisers. Maybe I can find some pics and figure out how to post them.


      1. mahjonggandme Post author

        Oh, DEFINITELY send some pictures – I would love to see these and put some pictures up on the blog – how fabulous that you give them to players in your group and also use them for fundraising!


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