The Mah Jongg sets I collect are vintage sets, with some being perilously close to reaching 100 years old. However, there are a couple of new sets that I have not been able to resist, particularly the one that is a souvenir game from the  Project Mah Jongg exhibition. BTW, if you would like a smile to come to your lips, listen to this brief recording (it takes a moment to load – be patient) and then read this article about the exhibition from the New York Times written in March, 2010.


Did you have a chance to see this exhibition that has traveled all around the country? If so, tell us about your experience as you walked through this wonderful performance art show. It is now at the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore (read more about this exhibit here).

Here are pictures of the Project Mah Jongg set that makes me smile every time I look at it and think about that wonderful and incredibly fun exhibition…

IMG_1506These are the wonderful Jokers; however, typical Jokers are also included, just in case you don’t want to use these (why wouldn’t you?!).

IMG_1516Pictured here are the Winds, the Flowers (and there are lots of extra Flowers included as you will see below), and those “other” Jokers…






IMG_1517I think I mentioned that there were lots of Flowers!

IMG_1518The set also comes with this nice carrying case, 4 racks, dice, and two silk bags for the tiles. Lots of Project Mah Jongg memories to think about and then new memories to create with this set…