Play Mah Jongg, that’s what! And since yesterday was Mah Jongg Wednesday, the OMs were all together, this time at J’s apartment.

It was a particularly nasty day in NYC, with rain coming down full force all day. Even so, J’s apartment was warm and welcoming, as always. While waiting for S2 and K to arrive, four of us sat down to play while Sebastian had a snooze and then a big stretch:

photoIMG_1523First hand played and I was so lucky – I started out playing an Atomic hand but then I picked up a Joker so that was the end of that. Fortunately, I had a good alternative hand and as it turned out, it was so nice to start the day with Mah Jongg!IMG_1525

IMG_1526I had a good day today and so did everyone else – here are some of the winning hands…photo 1photo 2photo 3Of course, we had to break for a delicious lunch – Southwestern Chicken Salad and cornbread…could this be our signature lunch? Yum!photo 4 IMG_1533And just as soon as it started, lunch was over and we were back at the game table…IMG_1539The money keeps adding up – we have been discussing different ways to spend some of our loot…perhaps betting on a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby?!! Please note that I said a “winning” horse…why would we bet on a loser?!!IMG_1541

IMG_1544I love playing this hand – and once again I was so lucky to pick up Jokers to complete the Like Numbers.IMG_1543Check out how few tiles have been discarded when J declared Mah Jongg…and on an Atomic hand, no less!IMG_1547J’s husband surprised her with a special surprise gift – how thoughtful is he?!IMG_1548

Another great day for the OMs – and even with the nasty weather, it was nothing but sunshine that rained down on us!

2 thoughts on “WHAT CAN YOU DO ON A RAINY DAY?

    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Hi Loretta – we learned about Atomic hands from Tom Sloper’s fabulous book. An Atomic hand is where you are trying to put together seven pairs – any pairs in any order – except you cannot have Jokers. You cannot pick up a discard (except to declare Mah Jongg) and therefore you have no exposures. Also, you must declare yourself Atomic right after the Charleston. If you pull a Joker then you must show it to everyone and revert back to playing a hand that is on the card. Playing an Atomic hand is a table rule and not every group allows this. Some table rules say that you cannot have Jokers or Flowers in an Atomic hand but we do allow Flowers. We ruled that a winning Atomic hand causes everyone to put 50 cents into the kitty.


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