Last week’s posting regarding which end of the wall is the “legal” end to pick from generated a tremendous amount of replies. Tony Watson’s reply – with illustration included! – was of great interest to me and here it is for all to see:


As Tony explains it, “We play the old rules ala Babcock/Chinese style, so I don’t know NMJL rules. But in all the old books the recommendation is to separate the last 14 (or 16?) tiles of the wall as a replacement cache, take the last 2 tiles from the end of that and place on top of the cache. So everyone knows where the end is, you can offset the cache across the real end of the wall.”

I had tried to explain – rather clumsily, if you ask me – how the OMs designate the beginning and end of the wall; Diane G sent in her explanation which I find to be much clearer than what I wrote: Our group “turns the tail of the dragon”; the wall being the “dragon” and the last two tiles being the “tail” that is being turned to indicate the end of the wall. Sounds like the OM’s do the same thing.

Much thanks to our good friends, Tony Watson and Diane G!