Yesterday, being Mah Jongg Wednesday for the OMs, we met once again at K’s home. And, as always, Roxie was so happy to see all of us.


We played a quick  game – which I didn’t win and was going crazy trying to put a hand together. At first I was trying to play a Winds hand and then I switched over to the FFFF 1111 9999 DD hand. But with no Jokers and a quick winner sitting next to me, I had no chance. I do think that being able to switch hands is key to being a good Mah Jongg player. J has always been great at changing hands and I am really working on this skill. IMG_1578And then lunch was served. K never disappoints – lunch was delish, starting with a yummy gazpacho served in the cutest new bowls:IMG_1579Don’t you love those bowls?! Next was a wonderful chicken salad plus my favorite – tomato and avocado salad with blue cheese:IMG_1580

IMG_1581And after a quick and delicious lunch, we were back at the table. This closed 2468 hand is one of my favorites and S1 played it beautifully:IMG_1582K finessed this Consecutive Run hand – again, one of my favorites on this new (not so new any longer!) 2014 card. IMG_1589J declared Mah Jongg with a 369 hand before we barely had begun the game:IMG_1593X breathed a big sigh of relief when she picked a Soap (almost at the very end of the game) to complete this 2014 hand – three Soaps were already exposed on S1’s rack but luck was on her side:IMG_1594And although I left early (still being plagued by this stupid cold – day 10 now of feeling lousy), I was happy to somehow pull together this 13579 hand, thanks to picking up some lucky Jokers!IMG_1595As always, Mah Jongg Wednesday with the OMs is the best day of the week!