Yesterday was Mah Jongg Wednesday and S2 hosted. We skipped getting together last week because everyone was out of town and it was so good to get back together – wow – skipping a week seems like we skipped months!! J is still in Europe and we all can’t wait to see her and catch up on her travels upon her return next week.

S2 prepared a beautiful lunch – as always – and the table was also beautifully set. We all enjoyed a wonderful poached salmon with a delicious cucumber sauce along with an Israeli cous cous salad. Dessert was a fabulous apple crisp but I was so busy enjoying it that I forgot to take a picture!


And then we got right down to the business of playing Mah Jongg! I started out with a very lucky win on this Winds hand – I think I have mentioned before that I really like playing this hand.


Another hand I have really been loving is this FF 222 444 666 888 closed hand. I wavered back and forth between this hand and the first hand on the 2468 section but decided to try for the closed hand – and glad that I did! Take a look at those spectacular Flowers – this set is really beautiful and is a treasured possession of S2’s.


X came up with a beautiful winning hand with this 2244 444666 8888 win:


Here’s a consecutive numbers hand – 55 66 777 888 9999 – that ended up as a win thanks to 4 Jokers! BTW, this Bone and Bamboo set probably dates back to the 1920s – take a look at those amazing Jokers carved by the very talented Dee Gallo, making this set NMJL compliant.


Here’s a glimpse of some more of the amazing Flowers from this set in this consecutive numbers hand, FFFF 1111 2222 DD:


This set came with teeny tiny dice and an equally teeny tiny coffin to house them. You can get an idea of how small the dice are by seeing them in relationship to the tiles:

As always, a wonderful day with the OMs…now we just need to get J back in town and we will be complete!


  1. karen

    As one of the OMs, I just wanted to say what a wonderful day we had yesterday with lots of fast-paced games–my favorite way to play. The only difficulty was reading those diminutive dice! The set we played with was so very beautiful and if you’re a serious player, adding one to your collection would be well worth the investment in my opinion. I have a beautiful bamboo and bone set myself and I love it though I must admit it’s not quite as beautiful as S2’s.


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      I agree with you – I love it when we have fast-paced games…it’s the only way to play! And I always love playing Mah Jongg with you! (And yes, those dice were ridiculous!). I also love my Bone and Bamboo sets but to look at and admire not necessarily to play the game with…I enjoy playing with tiles that are flatter and easier to handle.
      Ann xxo


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Hi Susan – I didn’t know about your blog until just now – so happy to find it. Let me know what you would like me to post about your blog and I will do so!
      Ann xxo


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