Barbara and Susan – also known as The Mah Jongg Doctors – spent this past Sunday at a tournament in Danbury, CT.  The tournament was a benefit for AAUW (The American Association of University Women – AAUW – advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research). The venue sounds as if it couldn’t have been lovelier – a lakeside location with an outdoor area to sit and chat between games. 

CT Tourney

To top off what I have been told was a most enjoyable day, Barbara made the following hand:

Fast Hand

It is one of the difficult closed pairs hand – always a great accomplish to mahj on this hand. But that is not what is so special about this particular Mah Jongg.  As Susan wrote to me:

OK.  It’s a pairs hand….FF 44  55  66 77  88  99  DD
Not SO unusual….. BUT….she made this hand as EAST before the first tile was thrown.

This can only happen when one is EAST.   After the last right on which Barbara made a blind pass….she optioned one tile with WEST and received the tile that completed her Mah Jongg.  So…instead of throwing the first tile….she exposed her Mah Jongg!

Have you EVER seen this happen?   It was a first for me…and Barbara, too.

WOW! Most of us only dream of something like this happening and so, congratulations to Barbara on the equivalent of a Mah Jongg “hole-in-one.” Oh, BTW and not surprisingly, Barbara came in first at the tournament!

4 thoughts on “FASTEST GUN IN THE…EAST!

  1. Diane G

    Wow, amazing!
    I had always believed that this was not possible because the game hadn’t started yet; thinking the game begins with the first tile being thrown. In that case, E would have had to toss a tile then wait for that same tile to either be picked from the wall or tossed and claimed for the mahj. Is either a written rule or a “table” rule?


  2. Gladys Grad

    It’s called a “Heavenly Hand,” and it’s like A Hole-in-One. It’s pretty rare….and it’s legal. I’d carry around an 8X10, and show it to everyone! Congratulations. Gladys Mah Jongg Madness


  3. Loretta

    I believe the game begins when the Charleston and the courtesy is completed. Instead of throwing the first tile to begin the game, East declared Mahj and began and ended the game in one act. Truly a hole in one.


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