Two readers have asked for my help and now I turn to all of you…can you help?

As many of you know, I dream of owning an enrobed Mah Jongg set.


The other day I received a message from Jill, a reader of this blog, who has just inherited her grandmother’s enrobed Mah Jongg set – WOW!!! However, the set is missing 6 tiles and Jill would love nothing more than to make the set complete. Let me know if you – or anyone you know – might have enrobed tiles in your orphanages – I will then forward your information on to Jill. Let’s make her dream come true!

I also received a request from JoAnn РI thought she might be close enough to the terrific Mah Jongg group in Wausau, Wisconsin but JoAnn let me know that Wausau is a 3-hour drive from Sheboygan. Here is what JoAnn wrote:

I am moving to Sheboygan, Wisconsin at the end of July , and am looking for some groups that play regularly. Can you help me find some?


Okay, all you Wisconsin players – let’s find some Mahj games for JoAnn in the Sheboygan area – please let me know!!!

10 thoughts on “CAN YOU HELP? – TWO REQUESTS…

  1. Connie Vandre

    I live in Sheboygan WI and teach Mah Jongg at our Senior Center.
    Jo Ann can play there or contact me through you as to where else people play in Sheboygan.
    Thanks, Connie


    1. JoAnn

      Thanks, Connie!
      That’s a start….
      Can you provide a list of the groups that meet?
      Looking forward!


      1. Connie Vandre

        There are groups that play in various restaurants, libraries, senior centers and golf courses, besides in one another’s homes in Sheboygan County. Let me know what you are looking for and I will try to help.


  2. JoAnn

    I am happy to hear about the groups in sheboygan!
    Any of the groups sound like fun.
    Do they meet weekly, and if so, where and which day/time?
    I’m assuming that I can just join in….at least that is how we do it in Wausau .


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