Today was Mah Jongg Wednesday for the OMs but three of the OMs are out of town. So, that left S1, K, and moi. We decided to do things a bit differently today. The three of us went to a really fun summer luncheon at our club and then decided to stay there and play Mah Jongg in one of the club rooms. We invited G to join us and she fit right in!  We all had really good luck today and we each had multiple winning hands although we had just as many wall games as we had winning hands.

K always asks the question: Do wall games mean we aren’t very good or do they mean that we are all really good?

I think a wall game means we are all at the same level of game play and are playing very defensively. Let me know your thoughts on this.

The day started out with G miscalling a Mah Jongg. This has happened to all of us at some time in our game history. She was dead but there were still Jokers that could be exchanged.


I was hoping to be able to complete this closed 2468 hand of FF 222 444 666 888 since I was so lucky in picking up Jokers. However, no such luck as the game ended with a wall game.


G had good luck by playing this Consecutive Run hand of 11 22 111 333 3333 several times today.


I couldn’t believe my good luck when I won an Atomic Hand!


K won with this nice 369 hand of 333 666 6666 9999.


I thought I was going to have a very good chance of winning this game when I only needed two more Three Bams or two more Jokers or a combination of a Three Bam and one Joker from this 369 hand of  FF 3333 66 9999 DD.  But, once again, we ended up with a wall game.


S1 declared Mah Jongg with this nice Winds – Dragons hand of NNNN EEEE WWWW SS.


Once again a lucky draw of many Jokers helped me to win this fun Consecutive Run hand of FFFF 1111 2222 DD.


This was the last hand of the day – I was so excited to win this hand of FF 1111 9999 DDDD from the 13579 section of the card. I threw everyone off when I picked yet another Joker and then was able to play strategically by discarding a Nine Dot. Plus, Flowers were being discarded right and left but because I couldn’t pick up one for a pair (unless it was to declare Mah Jongg), no one thought that I needed a Flower. Then I picked up another One Dot and all I needed was one more Flower – it was the second to last tile discarded and I scooped it up and declared Mah Jongg!