IMG_0151This is the beautiful enrobed Mah Jongg set that Jill inherited from her grandmother. As I wrote before, what an inheritance! But sadly, the set is missing six tiles. Read on…

 Jill wrote to me (this is a compilation of several emails from Jill):

Hi Ann,  Note that I was able to remove the nail polish off the flowers thanks to Charli! Now I would like to get some joker stickers so I can use the set. I am missing 6 joker tiles. The joker tile is a large sitting Buddha. Or, if I could find matching enrobed tiles, I can put on joker stickers.  My Nana’s set is very special. I have been on a mission to complete it. Thank you for all the support! The Mahj community is quite something. Thank you for your patience. I look forward to reading your blog!  Jill

So, if anyone can help Jill, please let me know. What follows are more pictures of this beautiful set along with measurements. Thanks for any help you can give – I understand how sentimental Jill is about her Nana and this set.