Yesterday I hosted our game and it seems that it had been such a long time since everyone was chez moi. We started out the day by opening a lovely hostess gift of a bottle of wine from G so I knew right away that this would be a great day! Lunch was yummy especially since heirloom tomatoes are so delicious right now. We had an heirloom tomato tart along with a salad of arugula, watermelon, and parmesan. This tart was not only delicious but also really beautiful.



Read on for more about our lunch and for some of the hands we played. As always, the recipes will be published tomorrow.

S1 started out the day with lots of Jokers to win this Addition Hand of FFFF 4444 + 7777 =11


D had a nice group of Jokers to win with this 2468 hand of 222 444 6666 8888.


I was so happy to win with this LIKE NUMBERS hand of FFFF 1111 11 1111.  I didn’t think I could complete this hand because two One Bams had already been thrown but then I picked up another One Dot and a Joker and then I was able to use the One Bams as the Pair in the hand. IMG_1872

Another win for me with this CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of 11 22 333 444 5555. A Five Dot was already thrown and I was unable to pick it up because I only had two Five Dots in my hand at that time. But once again, I got lucky and picked up a Joker and then picked the only other Five Dot left. Lucky, lucky.


We took a break for dessert – a recipe I had seen in The New York Times called NYC Baked Cherry Crumble. I will give you the recipe tomorrow but quite frankly, I didn’t like it all that much and the trouble of pitting 6 1/2 cups of cherries really wasn’t worth it for how this turned out. But the Talenti Vanilla Bean Gelato was – as always – really yummy!


I had never played this 13579 hand before; I was really lucky to win it with 111 3333 333 5555 coming together thanks to two Jokers.


S1 won with this WINDS – DRAGONS hand of FFFF EEEE GG WWWW. Nice hand!


And I was thrilled to play another hand I had never played before – and one worth 30 cents to boot! – the WINDS – DRAGONS hand of EE 22 WWW 222 2222. This was really lucky for me because I didn’t have any Eight Bams and I watched them being discarded one by one and I couldn’t pick them up. But then I picked up two more Eight Craks making the Kong and then the Jokers floated in to help me make the Pung of Eight Bams.


Another wonderful Mah Jongg Wednesday!

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      That was something I found on eBay a number of years ago – they seem to be far and few between. However, hopefully I will have an announcement to make about the availability of these Mah Jongg table covers in the coming months – stay tuned! Ann


  1. Carol Wright

    I do love your posts. Do you think you could include at the bottom of your “Mah Jongg and Me” blogs a place to sign up a friend? I have many MJ mavens that would love this – but some are not too computer savvy and wouldn’t search for it like I did. I would love to sign up some great gals.
    Again, I love your posts and the pictures are beautiful!
    xo, Carol


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