Do you remember the fabulous One Dot that our very artistic friend Kat had created in the sand? Well, get ready because she is back with another sandy Mah Jongg tile and this one is nothing short of AH-MAH-ZING!!

This lovely One Bam was the model for the sand sculpture – read on to see the real thing…


Here is what Kat wrote:   Circa today, a 1 bamboo mahjong tile, beach style. Nature mahjong tile based on the beloved owl bam usually seen in Chinese Bakelite. Rick and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. He and I spent all day at our beach in our little bit of paradise, Virginia Beach. This tile is approximately 24 x 30 inches, it took us a while to gather materials and put this one together. Materials: sand, skate egg case, horseshoe crab tail, seaweed, sea oat grass, razor seashells, crab shells, horseshoe crab back, pine needle, driftwood, oyster shell, lettered olive cockle shell, slipper shell, Atlantic coquina shell and various other seashells. Life is good!!!

And now, here it is (along with heartiest congratulations to Kat and Rick on their 30th anniversary!):


Truly amazing, right?