I received a message from Karla (and the Chopstick Chicks!) in Woodruff, Wisconsin. There is a fund-raising Mah Jongg tournament there – the fund-raiser will benefit The Fix Is In, a mobile spay and neuter pet clinic – on August 21st and she needs our help in figuring out how to make her tournament successful. Please send me your thoughts and comments!

Here is Karla’s message and the information on the tournament. If you are in the Woodruff vicinity, please plan to attend and help support this fund-raiser.

Hello Ann,
I found your blog on-line and was wondering if you have any suggestions for promoting a MJ tournament that is being held in Woodruff, Wisconsin on August 21. I have attached the registration form. You will see that it is a fundraiser for a local non-profit. The link to the form is
Also, if you have any ideas on how to make a tournament like this successful, I would love to hear them.
Many thanks,

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  1. Donna Eschen

    I’m not sure if you are asking how to get more participants or what makes it a great tournament. When I participate in local tournaments, emails go out to the local temples and anyone on the Mah mailing lists.
    At the tournaments, check in is done smoothly, everyone has name tags with the appropriate info on them and table rotations noted, door prizes are awarded frequently throughout the day, and the food and munchies are great. Another idea if there is a separate room before or during the day or at lunch, have the DVD playing The Tiles That Bind. It’s very entertaining and probably most people haven’t seen it.
    Good luck with your wonderful fund raiser.
    Donna Eschen


  2. Susan

    Hi Karla,

    Since it seems folks will be coming of different play levels, I would suggest that you make an experienced person EAST at each table. It helps a great deal with the rules and the scoring. Most tournaments have the EAST position remain at the table and the other 3 positions rotate to other tables. (North goes up one table, South goes down one and West goes up two…tables are numbered and each players has a number and position on their name tag)
    It is also a good idea to have printed rules for everyone to review so that all players are on the same page as far as the table rules and how scores are kept.
    I’ve played in lots of different tournaments, so if you have any other specific questions, I’d be happy to help.
    Good Luck and Have Fun! If I were closer, I’d register!
    New York


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