Yesterday was Mah Jongg Wednesday for the OMs (at least, for those of us that are here in the city this week!). S1 hosted and it seemed as if we hadn’t seen J in ages – it was so great to be together and catch up. Lunch was so yummy and I could kick myself because I forgot to take pictures. Sanna made a wonderful and very delicious salad along with a platter stacked high of the yummiest tuna and egg salad sandwiches – the perfect summer lunch!

I had such a great winning day and, actually, everyone had multiple wins – we had only one wall game the entire day. Here was my first win with this 369 hand of 333 666 6666 9999.

IMG_1945Read on for more about this fun day…

S1 found a darling table cover for our Mahj games:


Here was my next winning hand – I love this particular Consecutive Run hand! – with 11 22 111 222 3333.


Then I won again with this 13579 hand of FFFF 5555 77 9999!


Everyone was sick of me winning so we broke for a delish dessert of mixed berries and some Jacques Torres candies:


Um…do you think I loved this dessert?…


Then back to our game play…OMG – I won again!!! I couldn’t believe my good luck! This time with the 13579 hand of 11 33 555 777 9999.


And then I won again – this was my biggest winning streak ever thanks to this 13579 hand of FFFF 1111 33 55555.


Now it was S1’s turn to win with this 13579 hand of 555 7777 777 9999.


And then S1 won again with an ADDITION HAND of FFFF 4444 + 7777 = 11.


And now it was J’s turn to declare Mah Jongg with a 2468 hand of 22 44 444 666 8888.


And then S1 won again with the WINDS – DRAGONS hand of NNNN EEEE WWWW SS.


J came in for the win with this CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of 11 22 111 222 3333 (one of my favorite hands on this year’s card).


And finally, the last hand of the day was won by S1 with this 13579 hand of FFFF 5555 77 9999.


What a great day we had – lots of catching up, great food, winning hands, and wonderful friends. Who could ask for more?!

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