After a great morning with Johni and Curt (pictures will be posted tomorrow), I headed to S1’s apartment for Mah Jongg Wednesday with the OMs. S1 had planned a delicious lunch – pizza from Farinella…only the best pizza in the city…and a wonderful arugula salad. YUM!IMG_2062


And then we got down to the business of Mah Jongg! We all had a really successful day – multiple Mah Jongg’s for each of us. Here are some of the hands:

S1 had the first Mahj with this LIKE NUMBERS hand of FFFF 1111 11 1111.


Then it was J’s turn with this beautiful 2468 hand of 2222 44 6666 88 88.

IMG_2066Now it was my turn to declare Mah Jongg with this concealed 2468 hand of FF 222 444 666 888. Note how early into the game I completed this hand…so lucky!


For the next game I had Mah Jongg again with the same 2468 concealed hand, just with a different suit – this time it was Dots: FF 222 444 666 888.


J’s turn to Mahj again, this time with a 2468 hand of 22 44 444 666 8888.


Then I declared Mahj again with this fun CONSECUTIVE NUMBERS hand of FFFF 1111 2222 DD. Aren’t these bone and bamboo tiles absolutely gorgeous?!


For the next hand I went for a WINDS – DRAGONS combination that I don’t remember ever having played before – NN 11 SSS 111 1111. I was so proud of myself as I declared Mah Jongg and then realized that I had been playing a concealed hand; I had picked up a discarded 5 Crak and put up the exposure earlier on in the game. Here is my beautiful – but very dead – hand:


I think it was Susan from the MahJongg Drs. who had told me to highlight those concealed hands on the card – guess what I am doing tonight?!

So, I was dead and the game went on with J declaring Mah Jongg with the same CONSECUTIVE NUMBERS hand that I had won with earlier: FFFF 1111 2222 DD.


One last hand before we had to end the day  – J won this hand with a really great CONSECUTIVE RUN concealed hand and she played it correctly – unlike the way I messed up earlier by forgetting that the hand was concealed! 111 22 333 DDD DDD.


Another wonderful Mah Jongg Wednesday with the OMs – a great time was had by all!

4 thoughts on “MAH JONGG WEDNESDAY!

  1. Donna Eschen

    Yes, it’s great to highlight those concealed hands and many people do it in yellow. The funny thing is that even though it is highlighted people still get excited and ‘call’ on a concealed hand. There is a fabulous male player in our group who, when this happens always laughs and tells us, ‘you didn’t highlight it dark enough’. His is highlighted in red! So, be sure you highlight ‘dark enough’, smile….

    Donna Eschen
    Santa Maria, CA


    1. Boots Hersh

      One thing I have found (and usually preach to others) is that once you have made that mistake on a concealed hand, you are not likely to repeat it. A lesson well-learned.


      1. mahjonggandme Post author

        Well, Boots – I wish I could say that it is a lesson well-learned for me but I am afraid that I have done it before. That’s why I am highlighting those concealed hands! I hope it helps me!!!
        Ann xxo


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