Recently I heard about a discussion concerning a book called Crak Bam Dot Mah Jongg by 2wice Arts Foundation that is up for sale on Amazon for around $160.  Suddenly I realized what book they were discussing – it is the catalogue sold in the bookstores/gift shops of the museums that have shown the exhibit, Project Mah Jongg.

51NwqCIXolLAlthough I would never suggest paying that kind of money for this “catalogue,” it is a fabulous book to own. The exhibit is currently at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco until the end of October. It would be worth it to call the museum’s bookstore/gift shop to see if they have any copies of this book. The cost is around $50 and, as a wonderful souvenir, it is worth that high ticket price. To pique your interest, here is the table of contents:


7 thoughts on “CRAK BAM DOT MAH JONGG…

  1. Diane G

    I will be there this coming Sunday with some of our Mad4Mahj ladies. I will check out that book. Thanks for the heads up. We had a fabulous day yesterday; wins all around except one, but she was a great “Supporting Player”.


  2. Katie A.

    I was there last weekend, and I was told that it was sold out in a few days of the opening of the exhibit. However, you can purchase the book through for $39.75 and free shipping! I hope it’s ok to put this here. I’m not affiliated with them, just trying to help out.


  3. Diane G

    I think WTWB deserves a mention, as there are many who have not heard of them. I also have no affiliation whatsoever, but I have dealt with them several times and found them to be more than gracious. My purchases came promptly, and I have been very pleased with them. In the a world of Mahj it is good to share.


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