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As you may know, 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Lynn from Where the Winds Blow is offering a really great deal on this gold glitter Year of the Horse Mah Jongg set should you need to commemorate this equine year. As Lynn has suggested, a wedding, graduation, birth, whatever! Read on for specifics about this special offer…

This commemorative set includes everything! It’s a full American set of 166 gold glitter tiles with the 2014 Year of the Horse Jokers, 4 purple racks (with pushers), 2 velvet trays, matching purple dice, and to help you cart this around to all of your friends’ homes, a black aluminum case on wheels.

Gold Glitter Special Value Set_

And here’s the special offer – all of this for only $89.99 (plus a small S&H charge) – so many of you have asked me for Mah Jongg sets for around $100 – well, here it is and that includes the case on wheels. I think this is a really great deal and the perfect kind of set to carry around with you. Thanks to Lynn for alerting me to this great offer!

4 thoughts on “NEED A GOOD GIFT?

    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      I know, Tony – this is such a good deal for those who want a well-priced set. And this is amazingly well-priced! Lynn is really offering great things for the Mah Jongg community. Ann xxo


  1. PJ Smiley

    Ann, Your blog today was perfect timing! As a birthday gift to my neighbor, I intended to fill in tiles to match an old Chinese set she found in the basement of her childhood home. Today, I learned she is not at all interested. She wants a new set. The price of this “Year of the Horse” set is amazing, neighbor loved that part, the color combo, the racks with pushers and the case!
    Now, I am going to go onto this site to find her a birthday present.
    Thank you very much, Ann!
    I do look forward to your daily blog, happy MAC is better.
    My Best, PJ


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