The weather in NYC has been unbelievably hot and steamy. What to do? Perhaps we should take a hint from the other side of the world. Look what is going on in Foshan, China:mahjong-competition-2

Looks like those swimming pool Mah Jongg players in Foshan have started a trend! A scenic spot called Qiu Dao Valley in Foshan has taken it to the next level by holding an entire Mah Jongg tournament in their swimming pool, Chinanews.com reported.


According to the general manager, more than 100 tourists entered the first competition, and the preliminary contest would last till the end of August. All tourists can join and every winner in the preliminary contest will receive a prize. During the final, the first-place winner will be awarded 5000 yuan, the two second-place winners will be given 1000 yuan each, and the three third-place winners will each receive 500 yuan.


And swimming pool Mah Jongg isn’t limited to young people in tournaments – it looks as if everyone is getting into the swim of things (as it were…):

swimingpool-mahjong-1Check out these residents in Foshan City, Guangdong playing Mah Jongg in a swimming pool. They considered it a great way to cool down under such a scorching weather as well as entertain themselves, Xinhua News reported. Seeing how sultry it gets in Shanghai, we kind of envy them.


BTW, I just heard from Lynn at Where the Winds Blow and there’s some good news from her: “We are getting a lot of our stock back in this week (we’ve been out of a lot of stuff).” 

So, along with that great deal on the gold glitter 2014 Year of the Horse Mah Jongg set, all those other goodies that have not been available for a while will soon be back on Lynn’s website – keep checking!


  1. Carol Wright

    Interesting seeing how many males play mah jongg, compared to those in the US. Wish more
    guys would take it up here. My husband is becoming a MJ widower, but he loves to see me having so much fun.


    1. Diane G

      Looking at the mahj hand in the first picture, where our numbers are written from Left to Right, it looks like the Chinese numbers go from R to L, Is that true? Who knows; I’m curious. Or maybe they all speak Hebrew? …. Ha! I know their newspapers are written in vertical columns.
      …On getting our men to play mahj: some of us have tried repeatedly, to no avail. A prize goes to those who can come up with a successful plan.


      1. mahjonggandme Post author

        I’d love to know how many of our male counterparts do play Mah Jongg. For the OMs, I think three of the husbands have attempted to learn the game – one of them is actually getting quite good.
        Ann xxo


      2. mahjonggandme Post author

        Hi Diane – wow! I clearly need stronger glasses – I am totally impressed that you are able to read the numbers in the first picture! I did get a good laugh out of the suggestion that perhaps they speak Hebrew!
        Ann xxo


  2. Tracy C.

    I’m thinking we need some of these tables in the pool at our summer clubhouse in the Catskills! Mah jongg in the pool on a hot day would definitely be a hit…


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