Back in January I wrote about a teacher in the Philadelphia area by the name of Leah Feigenbaum. In August I received an email from Leah telling me about a new and exciting development:

Hi Ann – I hope you are well. Thought I would forward a new development in the world of Mah Jongg.  I teach Maj in the Philadelphia area, you were kind enough to feature me on your blog during the winter.  I am just going to copy a letter I have sent to my students below.  Check it out, maybe you would be willing to put this on your blog too. Thanks so much, Leah

I hope that you have all enjoyed my classes over the years.  One problem I have always  had  is to be able to offer enough classes in enough locations to help all the people who would love to learn this growing game of Mah Jongg.  I have exciting news to tell you.  I have partnered with some other avid Mah Jongg ladies and we have developed a website for you and your friends. has both free and membership offerings to help you continue to power up your game.  For the beginner who cannot attend my class, there are video lessons.  This is also perfect for those needing a refresher.  These videos take it from the very beginning.  For those of you who already know how to play, there are strategy sessions and playing exercises to help you with hints and tips to improve your play and enjoy the game even more. And as we continue to expand the site, you will have access to all things Mah Jongg.  Please feel free to offer suggestions of what you would like to see and learn.

Then, toward the end of August, I received a very sweet email from Sue Pritchard:

Hi Ann,
My name is Sue Pritchard and I just came across your site and love it!  It is really very nice – Well done! Like you, a couple of our regular players and I decided to do a website and I was wondering if you would like to know about it?
It’s called and we have set it up to be a free site for a lot of the info, but it is also a subscription site for learning videos. There are over 40 videos now and many more to come.  It may be a great resource for you and your players.
If you ever have a new class that you think needs refreshers, or additional strategies etc., it may be of value?  We are located in Pennsylvania and would be happy to post any games/mini or regular tournaments if you would like us to share notices like that.  We love the game and want to continue to expand it!  And will have a community forum as we grow.
Again, great site!  Hope to talk or chat by email soon. 
Sue Pritchard

Although I have only communicated with Leah and Sue, if they are representative of the entire Mah Jongg Mentors group of ladies, then I highly recommend them! I had a long talk with Sue last week and she is not only so nice,  but so interesting as well. Here’s a taste of what they have to offer – after you have watched this video, go on over to and get ready to “power up your game!”

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