As I wrote yesterday, K hosted the OM’s Wednesday Mah Jongg game this week. She had a fabulous lunch but first take a look at the beautiful table that greeted us:


K had just returned from a family wedding in Michigan and, as she said, she was in “wedding mode,” hence the all white table setting. 

As always, K served a fabulous lunch – a trio of wonderful salads, a big bowl of a kale and tofu mix, and…what was left of the bread after Roxie devoured most of it!


And now, on to game play…

S1 won the first game with this nice CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of 555 6666 777 8888.


This set is K’s newest Mah Jongg acquisition – a bargain bought on eBay – but until the Joker stickers arrive, K has improvised with some homemade Jokers! These tiles are big chiclet-like tiles, fun to play with, and very easy to see – excellent for the OMs!

Next S2 had a winner with this beautiful WINDS – DRAGONS hand EE 22 WWW 222 2222 – I love this hand…


Then it was my turn to declare Mah Jongg with a 13579 hand of 555 7777 777 9999.


And then J struck it rich with this CONSECUTIVE RUN of 111 2222 333 4444


There were many more games and lots of fun and laughing – as always – but I just want to address some comments from the other day. In the Picky, Picky, Picky posting from Tuesday, I posted a picture of a hand with no Jokers. All you eagle-eyes out there sent lots of comments pointing out why this wouldn’t be classified for a Jokerless hand – this was my mistake as I was just looking through my old photos for a  hand that didn’t contain any Jokers. The photo was in no way related to the question – it was just an example of a hand without Jokers. Sorry for any confusion but thanks to all of you who sent in comments and corrections!