In between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur there is still time for Mah Jongg…and yesterday was my turn to host the OMs at our Wednesday game. We started out with a summery lunch – even though it is now October – since the weather has been warm and sticky. First we had Chilled Cucumber Soup with Shrimp followed by Pic’s Fresh Crab Salad with Lime Juice and three yummy cheeses – D’Affinois, Piave, and Humboldt Fog (as always, recipes will follow tomorrow – all are easy and delicious and from recipes by Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa).



We then moved over to the Mah Jongg table and I have to thank The MahJ EZ for this great Mah Jongg table cover:

IMG_2227 IMG_2226 IMG_2225 IMG_2224This table cover ensures that you will not mess up the Charleston!

The first Mahj of the day belonged to K with a WINDS – DRAGONS hand of NNNN EW SSSS 2014:


Then S1 declared Mah Jongg with a 13579 hand of 555 7777 777 9999:


I was having a hard time trying to figure out why I wasn’t getting a winning hand and then I got lucky – or so I thought – as I declared Mah Jongg with a beautiful SEVEN HANDS combination of FFFF 3333 44 7777.

IMG_2205Unfortunately for me, there is no such hand on this year’s card…I was playing with a 2013 card! Can you believe this?!! Well, at least we all got a really good laugh out of this and I quickly retrieved my 2014 card (and of course, I was dead for the rest of this game)!

I made up for lost time (or, should I say, wrong card game play!) in the next game with a winning WINDS – DRAGONS hand of NNNN EEEE WWWW SS.

IMG_2208Whew! I felt somewhat vindicated and decided it was time for our dessert of Eton Mess – YUM!


Now it was D’s turn to declare Mah Jongg with a 369 hand of 333 666 6666 9999:


S1 had another winning hand with a repeat of the 13579 hand of 555 7777 777 9999:


My turn again with a winning 13579 hand of FFFF 1111 33 5555 (which I almost didn’t win because I wasn’t paying attention when the 5 Dot was discarded – lucky for me in my next turn I picked up the last 5 Dot):


Last hand of the day was won by K with a reprise of this 2014 hand of NNNN EW SSSS 2014 which had been her winning hand during the first game of the day:


This was a really fun day and one in which I learned a big lesson – always make sure you are playing with the current card!

8 thoughts on “MAH JONGG WEDNESDAY!

  1. wife8

    Your meal looks soooo beautiful and yummy. It almost looks like you picked the food to match the china or bought the china to compliment your meal!


  2. Kate

    the tablecloth is fabulous, where did you find it?
    and lunch looks great
    we play at night so its just fruit and coffee


  3. Diane G

    Everything looks fabulous. We here in Northern California (distinctly different from Southern California) particularly love the Humbolt Fog Cheese. Love that tablecloth too! Thanks for sharing the fun. Yesterday during our mahj game we discussed miscalling a tile and when it can be pulled back and when not. Thanks again to you.
    … it was great day; we each won a hand. May everyone have an easy fast.


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