I recently received an invitation from director Joe Muszynski to attend the world premiere of his new movie:


I have been waiting patiently for this movie and hopefully will be able to attend the opening. For any of you who are in or around upstate New York, here is the information about the premiere, which will be playing at the Woodstock Film Festival:

Mahjong and the West
Directed by
Joseph Muszynski

USA / 2014 / 93

World Premiere

10/17/2014, 2:30PM

and also at

10/18/2014, 7:00PM

Congratulations to Joe!

Joseph Muszynski is a New York based filmmaker. He was a writer and executive producer on Peace, Love & Misunderstanding. His next film, Rhymes with Banana, starring Zosia Mamet, marked his directorial debut and will be released this Fall. Joe is currently attached to direct Eden’s Folly, a futuristic re-imagination of the story of Eden. He also teaches filmmaking at Vassar College and through the Bard Prison Initiative. In his free time, he raises chickens.

Maddy runs a New York interior design firm with her mother, Diane. When a hit and run accident kills her mother, Maddy returns to rural Wyoming for the first time in fifteen years, where she grieves alongside her Mahjong playing grandmother. But when Maddy reconnects with Kate, an old childhood friend, it reawakens memories of their violent, troubled past. As both women tiptoe around their history, they live hard and booze their way through the mourning process along with Jack and Stewart, two local bull riders.

Immersed in cowboy culture, the girls embark on a kamikaze course, running from the past and toward thrills and comfort. But pressure builds and their extended reunion proves that neither control nor chaos can erase their trauma. And if they can’t erase it, they’ll either have to make peace with it or set it on fire.


Cast/Featuring: Tom Guiry, Louanne Stephens, Jill Andre, Dominic Bogart, Jannette Bloom, Alyssa Carpenter, and Jerod Meagher

Executive Producers: Charlene Schaefer, Joseph Muszynski, and Karissa Tuthill

Producers: Calude Dal Farra, Christina Mengert, JannetteBloom, Alyssa Carpenter

Director: Joseph Muszynski

Screenwriters: Jannette Bloom, Alyssa Carpenter

Cinematographer: Patrick Neri

Editor: Carmen Morrow

Production Designer: Leah Mann

Composer/Music: Spencer David Hutchings

Sound Designer: Eli Cohn

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