Alyce G sent me a photo and information about the cherished set she and her Mah Jongg group use for their game play.


Here is what she had to say about this set:

“Here is a picture from our game today as you requested. As you may be able to see, the jokers, winds and flowers have gold accents. I believe my set was made by Royal. I no longer have the original box but everything else is original.”

Alyce went on to tell me that this set “was given to me by my mother-in-law in 1971. I play in two games each week, Mon and Wed afternoons in the Deer Park-Dix Hills areas of Long Island. I have only been playing for about 5 years but the other women have been playing for many years. Our Wednesday game goes on a MJ cruise every summer. This year was our 4th cruise. We go on Carnival and usually leave out of Florida. We play all day on sea days on the adult pool deck in the rear of the ship and on port days, we play after we get back on board. We usually attract quite a crowd. Most people don’t know what we are playing. Many Asian guests come over but they are not familiar with American version.”

How wonderful to play our favorite game with a set that was a special gift! And I love that Alyce and 3 or 4 people from her Mah Jongg group go on a Mah Jongg cruise every year. What a great thing to do!

If you have Mah Jongg sets with a special history or memory, please send me photos and the story behind your set – I would love to post these cherished memories!


  1. jonggjoy

    Alyce, your tiles, remind me exactly of my set that I received as a gift in the early 1970s.
    The tiles are in a case marked: Imported by IMPCO Sales, 127 Portland St., Toronto.
    My set only contains two jokers and two blanks, which we use as Jokers. I have tried to find a match to my tiles, unfortunately with no luck.
    They certainly are beautiful tiles Alyce!


  2. Tracy C.

    I agree that Where the Winds Blow is terrific, and I’m glad to hear that Lynne is continuing that tradition of excellent customer service that Faye gave us. Best of luck to Lynne in her new business!

    On Alyce’s tile search: IMO she should check two sites:, where Matt has lots of orphan tiles posted with sizes & at reasonable prices. Great customer service. I’ve been able to rescue several vintage sets because he has had the replacement tiles I need. Alyce also should consider sending a tile to Carol Ann at She is more expensive, but she will search through thousands of orphan tiles to try to find the best match. Guaranteed matching tiles are out there somewhere!


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