This past summer I posted one of Kat’s and Rick’s Mah Jongg tile beach creations and today I have another amazing recreation for you. First, these are the two amazing Flower tiles that
served as the model:


And now, the fabulous recreation, thanks to Kat, Rick, and Mother Nature:


How talented are Kat and Rick?!!!  Here is what Kat has to say about their masterpiece:

“At autumn’s dawn, missing summer already, our garden is still in bloom and producing wonderful harvest for us…. Rick and I decided to make our version of “Flower Pot” flower tiles. Inspired by the connecting #4 (winter) and #3 (autumn) flower pot tiles shown here from one of my mahjong sets. Ingredients gathered from our backyard, our flower “tiles” include; rosemary, asparagus, wisteria stems and leaves, lantana flowers, yellow daisy flowers, cinnamon basil flowers, lemon verbena leaves, marigold petals, stevia leaves and zinnia petals. The numbers are watermelon sage flowers and purple ember ornamental peppers. The rocks are Talladega tomato, ghost pepper, habanero pepper and Trinidad scorpion tail pepper.”

Lastly, a picture of their wonderful part of paradise, Virginia Beach, where Kat says it is still warm enough to swim!


1 thought on “FLOWERS COME TO LIFE!

  1. Diane G

    Lovely. You can’t beat Mother Nature. Print it onto fabric; make a tote bag or pillow, and save it to remember fall when the snow changes the landscape to shades of white and black. Love the creativity of mahj players.


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