Today’s posting is asking for your help on three separate matters…but first, a quick word about some truly amazing customer service. I had ordered something from Where the Winds Blow and there was a problem with what I received – or so I thought. I sent an email to the website thinking that it could be days before I heard back, as is usually the case with most online shops. Not five minutes later I heard from Lynn, the new owner of Where the Winds Blow. Not only was Lynn incredibly apologetic for any inconvenience I might have experienced (I really wasn’t inconvenienced at all), she took care of the problem immediately. My head is still spinning from this kind of customer service – I am so used to hassles and problems and this was such a pleasant outcome, quickly and easily resolved. I give Where the Winds Blow my highest recommendation and encourage all of you to support this full-service online Mah Jongg store and Lynn, a truly wonderful believer in great customer service!

And now, on to today’s issues…

First, do any of you know of a Mah Jongg teacher for the Newburyport, Massachusetts area. I have been told that this is also called the North Shore of Boston. I hope someone can help! Please email me if you know of someone for this area: ann@mahjonggandme.com

Next, on Monday I posted Alyce G’s vintage Mah Jongg set that she had received from her mother-in-law in 1971. Today I heard from our friend Joy who has a similar gifted set but is in need of adopting some tiles to complete it. Here is what she had to say:

Hi Ann,
Alyce’s tiles from today’s posting, remind me exactly of my set that I received as a gift in the early 1970s. The tiles are in a case marked: Imported by IMPCO Sales, 127 Portland St., Toronto.
My set only contains two jokers and two blanks, which we use as Jokers. I have tried to find a match to my tiles, by sending one to the National Mah Jongg League, unfortunately with no luck. They certainly are beautiful tiles and I wish I could find 4-6 matching jokers.

So, all of you with wonderful orphanages, please let’s help Joy by finding matches for these missing tiles. Here is a photo of Joy’s set:



Lastly, Regina R. wrote, “Just moved to Fox Hill in Bethesda. Looking for players. HELP!!!”

Who can help her out? Mah Jongg players are the best people so I know I will hear from you!

16 thoughts on “A CALL FOR HELP…

  1. wife8

    Hi Ann, as far as helping Joy:
    Are the tiles as white as pictured or are they more of a cream color like mine? Your tiles do look exactly like mine except for the season tiles. My tiles do not have the seasons written out. Also what are the measurements of the tiles? I do have 8 flowers in addition to my full set and I would be willing to give up some of the flowers. You could then buy joker stickers. But the color and size have to match. My set was made in NY but the same manufacturer could have exported to Canada during that time. Good luck!


    1. shirley

      Ann.. I think I have a complete set of these.. probably Crisloid.. would you ask Joy if by chance she is in Toronto..You know that’s where I am..ask her for the size as well


  2. wife8

    Hi Ann,
    Again for Joy… Check ebay for vintage Cardinal sets… They may be pricey but I think there are matching sets or incomplete sets. Note, I think my set is a Cardinal, not Royal, as I previously stated. I was having a senior moment when I said it was Royal. My original case, which I threw out, had a Cardinal sticker.


  3. K~

    Ann, I probably have what Joy needs. It would be helpful if she sent me a tile since color does vary from set to set.


    1. jonggjoy

      Wow – thank-you for all of the wonderful comments.
      I occasionally check E-Bay for a match, and I will definitely first contact Shirley (since she is in Toronto) and then contact Kat and Dottie, about their possible matches. Mah Jongg players are the Best!
      On another note, I am waiting to hear from Where the Winds Blow about a recent order – I received the wrong tiles and was also charged double for the Italian Charms, but I’m hopeful since reading today’s blog, so thank-you for sharing that.
      It’s absolutely wonderful how we can connect with fellow Mah Jonggers through your blog Ann!
      Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day and may you get to say ‘Mah Jongg’ during your
      OMs Mah Jongg Wednesday!


      1. Ann Israel

        Joy – thanks for this beautiful message. Let me know if you are able to match your tiles. Recommendations keep coming in!
        Ann xxo


  4. Hinda Kelley

    If Alyce still needs tiles I may be able to help. My mother’s set, which is atleast 60 yrs old, seems to be the same. It did not come with jokers so I use red stickers from the National Mah Jongg Assoc. I have 12 extra flowers. The tiles measure 14/16 “W X
    1.25″H x 1/2″D. Tiles are white. It is such a beautiful set! Let me know. Hinda


  5. Betty Jarzobski

    My name is Betty and I teach Mah Jongg at my local library in Atkinson, NH. It is only about 20-25 minutes from Newburyport MA. The way we work it at the Kimball Library in Atkinson, NH is that a player can sign up through the library website calendar on the next Monday when it is scheduled. We play on Monday afternoons from 1 – 4:30. When I have 3-4 new beginner players signed up, I teach then how to play for the first 3 weeks and then they fold into our regular Monday afternoon players. Hope this helps.


  6. shirley

    Joy and I fixed up her set.. she emailed to tell me that the tiles were perfect.. since the set is Crisloid, I asked her to be careful with it since those tiles often crack and then break!


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