Our friend Donna in Santa Maria, California, sent me this wonderful Mah Jongg poem along with pictures from a recent flier for a Mah Jongg tournament. I had promised to post it on the blog and then somehow was sidetracked. So, although the tournament has long passed, here is the poem which should bring a smile to every Mah Jongg player’s face…


Much thanks to Donna (and Boots) for sending this to me. Donna gave me some background on the poem:

“The poem was in an old newsletter that the NMJL sends out yearly.  When I got a set from an older friend of mine, there were two of those newsletters in it. Boots, my friend, told me that the poem was in the January, 1986 newsletter of the NMJL. It was their 49th year. The name of the poem is Exercise -The Mah Jongg Way by Carol Rosen; there is no information about Carol. Boots just changed it slightly to be more current.”

4 thoughts on “TODAY’S SMILE…

  1. Marita Rohde

    What’s a peacock-bell? Playing mah jongg for nearly 40 years, I’ve never seen something like this.
    The poem and the pictures are great!


  2. wife8

    Looking for MJ players in the Dix Hills, Deer Park or Commack NY areas to play on Monday afternoons as a fill in now and regular player starting in 2015. We have a friendly game, a five dollar Pi and we use a bettor when we have 5. Thanks

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