Do you have a special way to remember the definitions of Pung, Kong, and Quint? I must confess that sometimes I must think hard to remember if a Pung is 3 or 4 and if a Kong is 4 or 3 (a Quint is always the easy one, as is the very rare Sextet).  But our friend Donna from Santa Maria, CA sent me a cute way to keep it all straight…

Donna writes “…most people can’t seem to remember the difference between Pung and Kong.  Quint they know from the term ‘quints = 5’  but Pung! Kong! That’s a foreign language so I teach them: ‘Kong,’ think of ‘King Kong’ and he’s really big so KONG is the ‘big’ one which means it’s 4 tiles, not 3. That only leaves Pung…and if you know KONG you now know Pung!”

Thanks, Donna!

Do you have any special ways to remember which one is which? If so, please send them on to me and I will post them!!

3 thoughts on “PUNG, KONG, QUINT…

  1. Suzanne Sucese

    I have a way to remember what wall breaks next if that is of any interest. Wall has two “L’s. Left has an “L” so therefore the wall breaks to the left.

    Suzanne Sucese

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  2. BettySue

    I remember Pung is similar to PUN which is a 3 letter word so a Pung has 3 tiles and Kong is the other one with 4 letters like the King in King Kong. 🙂


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