Okay, pardon me plugging the book again but…

Carol W. has requested the following:

Hi Ann, Perhaps you have already done this but – can you give us a short description of Mah Jongg, The Art of the Game? Thank you so much, Carol

I am more than happy to honor this request!



Read on to learn about the book…

Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game is the first book to fully capture the story of the exotic and exciting game of Mah Jongg, offering an intimate look at the history of the game as well as the visual beauty of the tiles.

When authors Ann Israel and Gregg Swain began playing Mah Jongg, they were unaware of the vintage collections that existed not only in the United States but also as far ranging as Africa to New Zealand. Slowly, they started to collect their own sets of Mah Jongg and as their collections grew, so did their appreciation of the history of, and interest in the game.

Finding few references, Israel and Swain set out to create a book that chronicles the early beginnings of the game and documents Mah Jongg sets from the most basic, made simply of paper, to the most outrageous and opulent sets that have ever existed. Recognized and respected scholars and game experts have collaborated with Israel and Swain, contributing important chapters on the game’s history and its pieces as well as technical information on the tiles. Lastly, great collectors from around the globe have shared their incredible sets and memories for the first time in one book for everyone to enjoy.

With hundreds of beautiful new images by renowned photographer, Michel Arnaud, and including historical documentation and ephemera, Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game fills the void between the past and today’s game, providing vision, inspiration and resources. Anyone who has ever been intrigued by a Mah Jongg tile will find in these pages visually stunning photographs that will entice them into becoming an enthusiast of the timeless game of Mah Jongg.

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  1. jonggjoy

    Hi Ann
    Today’s blog has just added to my excitement to receive a copy of your book….I can’t wait….come on November 18th!!
    Thanks Carol for asking for more details about THE book…..hope you are enjoying the ‘pushers’.
    It’s Mah Jongg night in the ‘burg and it’s my turn to host…..frogs on a log, carmel apple slices, and kettle-corn poppers with a little Hypnotiq on the side….gotta love MahJ night.
    Have a great day everyone!


    1. Carol Wright

      Dear Ann,

      Thank you so much for the explanation of your new book, Mah Jongg, The Art of the Game. What a lovely gift for someone that loves this game as much as I do. It would make a very attractive coffee table book too and a perfect conversation piece. I’m definitely going to order one. When is it coming out – I forgot?

      I also want to comment on the fantastic pushers that Joy Hamilton sent me. Her husband made them out of bamboo in different colors. I ordered eight to give to my MJ friends and they absolutely loved them! We’ve already played several games with one – you only need one pusher per table to pass around. They are very unique and lovely to look at – a one of a kind addition for any mah jongg player. They particularly come in handy when you have a hand racked and you don’t want to expose it to other players when you have to push your wall out. I love mine.
      xo, Carol


      1. mahjonggandme Post author

        Hi Carol – thank you for these nice comments about the book. It comes out on November 18th – one more month! I am fortunate enough to have some pre-publication copies for the book signings I have been doing and I must say that the book exceeds my expectations. I know you will love it and I agree – it will make a lovely holiday gift.

        Joy’s husband is really talented. Joy sent me one of those pushers and I love using it – I need to photograph it in actual game play – it is everything you say it is…and more! What a wonderful gift you gave to your MJ friends – you are such a good friend!
        Ann xxo


  2. mahjonggandme Post author

    Gotta love Mahj night! Sounds like a touch of Halloween spirit to add to the Jokers! I’m off to Mah Jongg Wednesday at S1’s home – will post about it tomorrow.
    Ann xxo


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