Yesterday was Mah Jongg Wednesday with the OMs and S1 hosted. Look at the beautiful table with a spectacular fall centerpiece that was waiting for us:


Lunch was so delicious – spicy chili, three different and wonderful kinds of cheese, cole slaw, and – YUM! – corn bread!


Read on to see the very special gift I received…

And then we started to play – and look at this spectacular enrobed set…if you read this blog then you probably know that I have frequently written about how I yearn for an enrobed Mah Jongg set. G.F., a reader of the blog, very generously, thoughtfully, wonderfully, amazingly sent me a gift of this fabulous enrobed set. I still can’t get over this incredible gift!  I just love it! G told me that she bought it for me at Where the Winds Blow and so this is a doubly wonderful gift since I love everything and everyone (especially the owner, Lynn) at this fabulous Mah Jongg site.


So fabulous! Hurrah!!! I own an enrobed set!!!! Thank you G.F. – I am so happy with this gorgeous set – and it is so easy to read on top of being beautiful.

We played many hands today – here are some of them:

S2 won with this Atomic hand although we suffered through two wall games at first.


X won the next few games with the following hands: Another Atomic hand


A Consecutive Run hand of 111 2222 333 4444


And another Consecutive Run of  11 22 333 444 5555


I finally was able to declare Mah Jongg with a CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of 11 22 111 222 3333 – I loved playing this hand and found it to be challenging.


S1 came roaring back with this ADDITION HANDS of FFFF 6666 + 7777 = 13 – another very challenging hand.


S2 declared Mah Jongg with a LIKE NUMBERS hand of FFFF 1111 11 1111


I won another hand with this 2468 hand of 22 44 444 666 8888 


J joined us late in the day – hurrah – she’s back! – but just in time for her to win with this 2468 hand of 22 44 666 888 DDDD


I noticed that there were many Atomic hands played today and I am working on getting the OMs to cut down on these hands that so dramatically change the dynamics of the game. I am lobbying for Atomic hands NOT to include Jokers OR Flowers. So far I haven’t been successful. Do any of you play Atomic? If so, do you allow Flowers?


  1. wife8

    We play atomic but with no flowers or jokers. If after the original deal, you are joker and flower free and want to play atomic, you must declare that so no one passes you a pair or a flower in the charleston.


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Hi – I believe that if you are going to play with Atomic hands then the way that you are playing is the ONLY way to play the hand. I have been unsuccessful in getting my group to go along with this – we allow a person to declare an Atomic hand AFTER the Charleston and also allow Flowers to be played.


  2. Kate

    Hi, my understanding was that Atomic hands were any random pairs. Can you explain how your game plays it

    beautiful set


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Hi Kate – yes, the set really is beautiful – what a fabulous gift! Atomic is any random pairs except no Jokers and, in standard rules, no Flowers allowed. You need to declare an Atomic hand after all the tiles are distributed – before the Charleston – so that no one passed you a Flower (and, of course, no Jokers). However, there are different table rules out there – my Mah Jongg group allows Flowers and says you don’t need to declare an Atomic hand until after the Charleston. I am trying – unsuccessfully – to change all of this as I have noted that it is too easy to call for an Atomic hand and it does change the dynamics of the game.


  3. Kate

    Thanks, we don’t do that here, we adhere to no table rules and follow tournament rules, so everyone is on the same page. There have been times when I could have played an Atomic hand though ☺ when nothing at all goes with anything.
    I can see how declaring Atomic at the end of the Charleston would change the dynamic quite a bit.
    really enjoying your blog by the way


  4. Susan

    It is also my understanding (though my group doesn’t play Atomic) that if draw a flower or a joker after you’ve declared Atomic, you can no longer play Atomic. You have to play another hand.


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