Because of some other commitments, I missed out on meeting up in New Orleans with about twenty of my online Mah Jongg friends for a four-day fun fest. I have been keeping up with what went on and I know I missed a really special time (along with those beignets…or should I say, what was left of them!).




8 thoughts on “MISSED OUT…

  1. Lucy Santiagi

    How often do they hold this convention? When and where is next? Please provide details would love to attend.

    Thank you.


    1. mahjonggandme Post author

      Hi Lucy – this is the first time that we have held a “convention” but that is a loose use of the term – it is a small group of friends who are all Mah Jongg collectors and we decided to get together for a few days in one location since we are scattered all over.


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