Frank from The AOTOMO Mahjong Table Manufacturer has sent me another message and some photos that they have asked me to share with everyone so here goes…enjoy!

Dera Ann,
How are you?
Please kind find the so fun photos attached. Thank you for post them on your blog.
I’m sure all mahjong player would like these photos.
Best regards,

Fun pictures 003

I love the following photo!

Fun pictures 005

Um, shouldn’t you be at your graduation ceremonies? Heck no, I’d rather be playing Mah Jongg!

Fun pictures 006

At first I thought they were playing Mah Jongg amid stacks of money…what do you think these packets are…pocket Kleenex packs is my next guess.

Fun pictures 007 Fun pictures 002

Someone is going to come up with a great caption for this photo…

Fun pictures 004

And here’s the last picture that Frank sent to me; living proof that just about anyone can learn to play Mah Jongg!

Fun pictures 001

4 thoughts on “LOST IN TRANSLATION…

  1. Carol Wright

    Hi Ann,
    These are hilarious. I love the guys playing MJ in their graduation hats and gowns, also the Buddhist Monks – they couldn’t be in a silent monastery playing this kind of game. There always has to be a little conversation going on. Thanks for the laughs.


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