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We have seen these Keep Calm/Mah Jongg novelty items before but what about the story behind the real expression, Keep Calm and Carry On – the origin of this expression is quite wonderful and very, very British. Read on…

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A few months ago my friend Dee Dee gave me these absolutely fabulous round dice! You wouldn’t think that they would work but there is a little weight inside of each one that allows them to fall perfectly on the table and not roll around. Here you can see that they are approximately the same size as traditional dice.



Then just the other day I received an email from Dee Dee’s darling daughter (how’s that for alliteration?!) sending me a photo of a huge container of these babies along with a note from Dee Dee letting me know that she had purchased quite a few. Such fun! Hmmm…I wonder if I can convince her to sell a few to me…


Just a reminder…if you like our book, Mah Jongg The Art of the Game, then please write a review on Amazon!


You might remember that I was so excited to have our book listed in Vanity Fair’s hot list in this month’s issue. Well, shortly after putting up that post, I received a message from my friend Katie with some fabulous photos – I know you will all enjoy this.

Ann, your recent post reminded me of a booklet I recently received that was published by Vanity Fair. I thought I’d share:




And I am saving the best one for last:


Oh, and if you happen to be anywhere near Old Chatham, NY today – please stop by the Old Chatham Country Store where I will be doing a Black Friday book signing from 10 AM to 1 PM – I I hope to see you there!


I have two best friends in this world – one lives in California – Alison – and one lives in Florida – Patty – and they are the dearest people in the world to me. Alison’s daughter, Logan Levant, just wrote a fabulous book – The Kitchen Decoded – and if you are looking for a wedding shower gift (or just a wonderful kitchen/recipe book), this is it. Logan was in town this weekend doing a cooking demonstration and book signing at the Broadway Panhandler. In between prepping all the food, she had a chance to sit down and read a certain book that is near and dear to my heart…


By the way, her friend Jason is reading the other book that I wrote this year, Advice for the Lawlorn, a career advice book…and it is not just for lawyers…it is currently available only on the ABA website but coming to Amazon (#1 New Release in Legal Education Profession) and Barnes & Noble and other bookstores in the new year.

And speaking of books, Just a reminder…if you like our book, Mah Jongg The Art of the Game, then please write a review on Amazon!

Lastly, I am hoping for a very happy, healthy, and delicious Thanksgiving for all of you!!



This past Saturday I gave a talk and did a book signing in Saugerties, NY at the Inquiring Minds Bookstore. I had such a great time meeting a group of really wonderful ladies – some are Mah Jongg pros and others are fairly new to the game. I hope to meet all of them again at various tournaments and Mah Jongg events – this was a really terrific group of people. Here is a photo of some of the newer Mah Jongg players who attended the event – with me peeking out from the back (back row, second from left).


Just a reminder…if you like the book then please write a review on Amazon!


So exciting – our book, Mah Jongg The Art of the Game, is mentioned in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair.

What a thrill!

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Just a reminder… and a big favor to ask of you – if you have received a copy of our book, Mah Jongg The Art of the Gameplease write a review on Amazon. I can’t begin to tell you how much I would appreciate it!