All of you were so responsive to the last shout-out for help and I am hoping that you will respond the same way this time… 

First…if you have an orphanage for tiles, please let me know so that I can post your information. I have had a number of requests for this and, although I know a few of the orphanages, I would like to have a more complete list. Erica, in particular, is looking for tiles: Do you have an orphanage, and do you sell individual tiles? Thanks, Erica

Next, from Wife8Looking for MJ players in the Dix Hills, Deer Park or Commack NY areas to play on Monday afternoons as a fill in now and regular player starting in 2015. We have a friendly game, a five dollar Pi and we use a bettor when we have 5. Thanks

And now from May, who is also looking for a game in her new location:  We will be moving to Crossroads, La Jolla after January 15, 2015. I have been living in Leesburg, VA and spending winters in FL ( the capital of the Mah Jongg world). I have always played Mah Jong and wish to continue playing. I do see the JCC has a game on Wednesdays at the Center. Do you know anyone who would like to play at my new home during the day? Also have you come across any who play the Wright Patterson Method? Both ways are fun. I would appreciate any info on a game in the area…Thanks, May G.

Next, a very sweet call for help from Cindy D: Ann, I am trying to locate a Mahjong group or club in the Mandeville area. My dear friend’s mother in law just lost her spouse of 60 years. The only thing that seems to make her smile is talking about Mahjong. Unfortunately, they had just moved here about a year ago because of her husband’s failing health and really didn’t have time to make friends before his passing. I know it would mean so much to her to be able to find a group that she could play with on the north shore, preferably in Mandeville since she doesn’t drive very far any more. Thanks, Cindy

And last, but certainly not least, an email from Joy with the results from the last call out for help followed by a wonderful poem: Hello Ann! I must tell you my news – Shirley H from Toronto sent four jokers that match my tiles exactly! How lucky am I??  Shirley contacted me on Tuesday and I had the tiles by Friday.  Thank you very much Ann, for posting my needs on your website.   Also my mixed-up order from Where the Winds Blow has been cleared up to my complete satisfaction, thanks to Lynn.Like we say, Mah Jongg players are the BEST!  In fact, I’m enjoying Mah Jongg so much, I just had to write a little poem:

May the Winds blow gently ’round you
Where Dragons play and sleep
And Flowers are abundant
While Jokers hide and seek.
Be careful of the Cracks
And mindful of the Dots
The Bams may try to fool you
The One Bam quite a lot….tweet
And may you always get to play
With good friends every week
The sound of mushing all those tiles 
Like music soft and sweet. 

Wishing you Good Luck if you are playing Mah Jongg with the OMs today. Sincerely, ~joy h~

And the response from Shirley:  Joy and I fixed up her set.. she emailed to tell me that the tiles were perfect.. since the set is Crisloid, I asked her to be careful with it since those tiles often crack and then break!

9 thoughts on “ANOTHER CALL FOR HELP…

  1. Shirley Hanick

    Joy..thanks for the absolutely wonderful bamboo pusher that you sent me.. Totally unnecessary but much appreciated. As is obvious, I do have a nice orphanage of tiles, mainly Bakelite and Catalin , a few Chinese Bakelite and just a very small number of bone and bamboo. I usually buy when I see bits at reasonable cost.


    1. jonggjoy

      You’re welcome Shirley – It was my absolute pleasure and I promise to be extra careful when playing with my treasured tiles. All the best to you, and to you also Ann!
      Happy Sunday…:O)


  2. Martha

    To wife8 who was looking for players on Monday, while it doesn’t solve Mondays we have an open house for mah jongg players every Thursday from 1-4 at temple Beth -El of bellmore $3 donation and we serve refreshments. Come alone or with a game. Would love to see you. Email.


  3. Katherine Hartman

    My orphanage consists primarily of: Bone and Bamboo, Chinese Bakelite, French Ivory, Bone and Ebony, Met Games and Rottgames Catalin tiles.

    Ann, please note the email address I used, this is the one that I use publicly, thank you, Katherine


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