Wow – such quick responses to the latest call-out for help…you are the BEST!

Here are a few of the replies:

In response to Do you have an orphanage, and do you sell individual tiles? Thanks, Erica:

First comes a response from Cat Hartman: My orphanage consists primarily of: Bone and Bamboo, Chinese Bakelite, French Ivory, Bone and Ebony, Met Games and Rottgames Catalin tiles. Let me vouch for Cat – she has an amazing knowledge of everything Mah Jongg and probably would be able to be successful in whatever you are looking  to match. She can be contacted at

Phyllis wrote:  I have lots of tiles to offer anyone who needs plain white, Japenese birds, Chinese children, some colored backs, yellow tiles, etc. Contact me at

Dottie at wrote: I have a small orphanage and would be happy to help.

Shirley at wrote: I do have a nice orphanage of tiles, mainly Bakelite and Catalin ,a few Chinese Bakelite and just a very small number of bone and bamboo. I usually buy when I see bits at reasonable cost.

Next, in response to wife8 who is looking for players in the Dix Hills, Deer Park, or Commack areas to play on Mondays, a response came in from who said: To wife8 who was looking for players on Monday, while it doesn’t solve Mondays we have an open house for mah jongg players every Thursday from 1-4 at temple Beth -El of bellmore $3 donation and we serve refreshments. Come alone or with a game. Would love to see you.

Don’t forget – we still want to help out May who is looking for a game at Crossroads La Jolla and also from the very thoughtful Cindy D who is trying to find a game in the Mandeville area for her dear friend’s mother-in-law.

Lastly, I received a message from Clive G who wrote: I picked up your address on the web. I have been looking for a Mah Jongg score calculator – either something on the lines of the old Chad Valley cardboard calculator, or a stand-alone electronic device. Any ideas? An old Chad Valley calculator – any condition – would do. I haven’t seen any of these on eBay lately but if any of you have one for sale, let me know and I will pass your contact information on to Clive.