K hosted today and it was also S2’s birthday. We started out with a delicious lunch of salmon and K’s famous avocado, tomato, and blue cheese salad. IMG_2399I had to leave early to get ready for my trip to Cambridge, NY where we are speaking tomorrow and doing a book signing at Battenkill Books. However, I was able to end up with three wins and so I felt today was a really lucky day!

J took the first win with a CONSECUTIVE HAND of 55 66 777 88 9999.


I won the next game with a CONSECUTIVE HAND of 222 3333 444 5555.


J then won with a powerful 369 hand of FF 3333 66 9999 DD.


My turn to win again with yet another CONSECUTIVE HAND of FFFF 7777 8888 DD.


I also won the next hand, my favorite 2468 hands, the closed hand of FF 222 444 666 888.

IMG_2403We then took a quick dessert break with a delicious birthday carrot cake for S2:


I had time for one more hand and J won it easily with another CONSECUTIVE HAND of 55 66 777 888 9999. After the Charleston she already had three Jokers so we were counting on her to win!


I hope the OMs had a lot more fun games after I left – I feel very certain that they did!

I am now off to book signings – I will post photos from those events!