This evening was such a special time for me. After having a second home in Columbia County for over 20 years, it was so wonderful to be back there on Main Street and to have an event for our book at the wonderful Chatham Bookstore. This is a very special place for me, filled with so many memories, and I was honored to be a guest there. And what an amazing evening it turned out to be. We started out with Tom Chulak, one of the owners of the store, conducting an interview with me and Michel Arnaud, our incredible photographer. That was followed by a Q&A session and then, the best part of all, 4 women sat down in the middle of the room and started playing Mah Jongg for all to watch!

Much thanks goes to my friend Warren Collins for putting together the Mah Jongg demonstration along with her three wonderful friends who played the game with her. And, of course, much thanks to the beautiful catering of food and wine provided by Brian Albert of the Old Chatham Country Store.

There was an incredible turnout for this event and I am so grateful for all of the support and love shown to me by all my friends. In addition, it was such a pleasure to meet so many new people – all Mah Jongg players, I might add! This was a night to remember – a very special evening, indeed. I believe my literary agent, the wonderful Jane Creech, took photos – if there are some, I will post them at another time.


  1. Katherine

    Ann, thank you for sharing this… Having met you, Michel and Jane all in person, I have no doubt a wonderful time was had by all. When Michel was at my home, photographing some of my mahjong items for your book… He was so fun to get to know, he shared some of fascinating stories of his photography experiences with myself and family. He is most kind as you and Jane are too… Wish I could have been there with you all!


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