…well, here comes BIRD WARS!

You’d better sit down because you are about to see some of the most spectacular One Bams ever!!!

nov 18, 2014 birds 007These tiles are all ivory, bone and bamboo, and bone and ebony tiles.

Next – get ready…

nov 18, 2014 cb fi birds 005These tiles are resin, Chinese Bakelite, Chinese Catalin and French ivory.

All of these One Bams have something in common – they are all hand-carved. Wow!!!

And they are all part of the breathtaking collection – kept locked away in a secure location, of course –  belonging to my dear friend, the wonderful, ethical, fantastic, and knowledgeable seller of vintage sets, Fracas1 – click on this link to see the beautiful vintage sets she has for sale on eBay.

But wait…there’s more!

885510_864856030192408_4114994913563141877_oThese One Bams are all bamboo tiles, from 1920-1980, courtesy of my great friend, Tony. Double wow!

Want more?

10517408_10204297445828319_7873444320993174131_oThese come from the collection of Shirley, who has been known to save the day for readers of this blog with matching tiles from her incredible orphanage. Triple wow!

Thanks to  Fracas1, Tony, and Shirley, for so generously sharing these fabulous and amazing One Bams with us!

And, before I close today, let me share a poem with the first two lines started by Joy and the second two lines finished in a completely different email by Diane – and I don’t believe they even know one another! This is so fabulous – thanks, ladies!

Ten little birdies, all in a row,

Sitting on a Mah Jongg rack

Flew to a tree, made a show,

Rode the wind; didn’t look back.

7 thoughts on “YOU’VE HEARD OF STAR WARS…

  1. Caren H.

    What fun! The artistry of Mah Jongg tiles never ceases to amaze me! Thanks to the contributor collectors for their photos!


  2. Carol Wright

    Ann, it arrived early evening – your book! It was the perfect time to receive it since I had not been feeling well all day (very rare for me) and I open the package and, voila! The most beautiful book on the history of mah jongg and tiles I have ever seen – it even smelled delicious. Since I’m a collector of fountain pens and adore quality papers – the paper quality in your book is outstanding. I’m about three quarters through Mah Jongg The Art of The Game and am throughly enjoying it. Thank you so much.

    xo, Carol


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